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How I see it...
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Subject:The party of compassion?
Time:10:59 pm
Just some things came to mind...

Can you name the political Party that:

Opposed Lincoln's election and abolisheners....

Filibustered the Civil Rights Act...

63% voted to support the CRA in 1964...

Stood in the Ole Miss doorway...

Ardently supported segregation...

Didn't support the Voting Rights Act...

Tried to character assassinate the first African-American nominated to the Supreme Court since Thurgood Marshall...

Denounce giving low-income households the choice of where to send their kids to school...

Support the ongoing Jim Crow state through the application of racial profiling...

Have a Klansman as the leader of their party for over a decade (1977-1988)...

Filibustered both the first Hispanic and African-American woman to Federal Court of Appeals...

You guessed the Party of Clinton, the Democrats.

All the hateful republicans have done is:

Found their party on abolishing slavery and bigamy...

Emancipated slaves...

Fought both bloody battles and a bloody war for freedom (though the war had other reasons)...

Supported both the CRA and the VRA..

Voted 80% for the CRA in 1964...

Denounced a Klansman when he tried to run for the presidency...

Placed an African-American on the Supreme Court after 1964...

Nominated both an African-American woman and a prominent Hispanic to the Supreme court...

Support a color-blind society, where men are measured by the content of their character, not the color of their skin...
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Subject:Just throwing this out there...
Time:02:30 am
I assume Jeb has designs on it, but I'm looking for a Powell/Rice ticket in 2008.

Colin Powell- years of military service, years of high level government military/intelligence positions, Secretary of State, seen as less Hawkish then a lot of other conservatives

Condoleeza Rice - Years of experience on National Security Council, recently as NS Advisor to President Bush, Ph.D in International Studies, plus 4 honorary doctorates. Expert on Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Besides both being highly, highly qualified, I see them benefiting from an effect similar to what President Bush is doing now, taking away traditional Democrat rhetoric.

Now Dems are resorting to some of the most offensive scare tactics I've ever seen:

-Threatening the Selective Service Draft

-lying about/misrepresenting economic data

-saying President Bush knew about 9/11 beforehand

-saying President Bush concocted this war in Texas, even before 9/11 (thank Chapaquidic Ted)

-lying about the Patriot Act (omitting judicial oversight rules)

But remember, it is the Right who uses fear mongering, not the left. sure, you believe that I've got a bridge...

night all
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Current Music:Evanesence - Bring Me To Life
Subject:Truck Driver to Nate Newton: Man Up!
Time:12:42 am
Nate Newton, the 6'5 335 lb 6 time Pro-Bowl offensive lineman, an anchor on all three Dallas Cowboy's 1990's Superbowl, was dumb enough to get caught twice about 35 days apart with a grand total of 388 lbs of Marijuana. While this is an amazing feat in and of itself, and enterprising trucker outside of Omaha was caught with 1,100 lbs of pot. Wow!, I mean it takes huge, steel balls to transport over half a ton of pot. I do not envy your defense attorney my friend, but I do salute your bravado.
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Current Music:Evanesence - Bring Me To Life
Time:12:41 am
Current Mood:impressedimpressed
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Subject:We got him
Time:08:04 pm
Just a note to state my ecstasy for our successful capture of Saddam Hussein!

Taken alive without a shot fired, shown to be a coward and will soon be put in front of the Iraqi's he raped, tortured and killed to be held accountable for the heinous acts he has perpetrated.

Thank you to those in the Armed Services and the support structure around them, you do this nation proud and we are all grateful.
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Subject:Howard Dean, did he just say that? and other ramblings...
Time:12:02 am
Current Mood:curiouscurious
This weekend, I watched former Governor Dean say that his 'plan' could provide healthcare for all Americans for $87 Billion. Now I can understand the inherent bonus of that value being the same as the latest Iraqi Appropriations outlay, but what I can't for the life of me see is how that number is even remotely possible. Look at the current 'reform' bill passed today, 400B over 10 years just to cover Prescription Drugs, and the Democrats wanted that number closer to 1Trillion. Now, divided by 10 years, that puts the lowball figure at 40B a year in drugs alone, now supposing that number is right, Dean expects he can maintain the current infrastructure of Hospitals, Doctors and Paramedics for $47 Billion, that's roughly $150 a person for complete healthcare not including drugs. I will say it right now, not being a doctor or economist: $150 a year coverage is not possible. Well, one caveat, if we choose to rollback coverage and innovation and restrict access to doctors and procedures, it can be done, just ask Canada, or England, or anywhere else. Is it just me or does France's healthcare system scare anyone else?

Then I heard Dean say this to Chris Wallace, and they showed a clip of him saying

"The most interesting theory that I have heard so far, which is nothing more than a theory, I can't think -- it can't be proved, is that he was warned ahead of time by the Saudis. Now who knows what the real situation is. "

What? Was he drunk? No, this man wants to lead America and represent us abroad and he goes on TV and says outrageous stuff like that? I know that kind of stuff gets everyone over at Democratic Underground all riled up and ready for a fight, but that's at most, at most 20% of the country. And those people, you could tell them President Bush sacrifices babies and they'd take your word for it. This is not the political discourse which provides intelligent decision making at the ballot box. This is the kind of rhetoric and basically libel that makes decent people distrust and ignore politics. Dean then went on to say that we shouldn't discuss abortion, God, gays and guns. This to me seems odd, that a primary candidate has the audacity to tell me, Joe sixpack, what I can base my vote on. And above that, he handpicks issues hew wants for that.

The Democrat party has set itself up as the party with no moral conscience, they are the party of paradoxes, contradictions and compromises.

They support choice on abortion but not in education, guns or healthcare.

They think we should help build up multinational coalitions of allies for international endeavors, but we should act unilaterally when trading.

They are the party which claims to lookout for women and minorities, while supporting a philanderer and possible rapist for president and filibustering the most highly qualified Latino and African American judges in America

They think competition is good for the media, but bad for schools

They think censorship of art is deplorable, but censorship of books, TV, music, video games and movies is well within the governments prerogative

They think it is wrong to make moral judgments on others lives but are the first ones to stigmatize someone as racist, misogynist or homophobic

That was a little more involved than I had planned, but oh well. If you wonder what I believe in here it goes:

Lower Taxes, why because no country has ever taxed itself into prosperity, the highest tax rates in the world are found with high unemployment and low prosperity.

School Choice, because we can increase the funding per kid in public education, give parents more control over raising their children and make the public education system streamline itself in one easy step

Free Trade, because everyone benefits from cheaper materials, and in an increasingly Global world, the more every country has a stake in trade, and a dependence on the rest of the world and it's stability, global bodies like the UN will have meaning and armed conflict between governments can finally become a relic of history.

Gun Rights, New Zealand outlawed guns a little while back and did so harshly, and initially the crime rate dropped, but it came back up in a year and has since surpassed the previous mark. Banning guns at this point means allowing criminals to have no fear of reprisals from the citizenry, and a mob rule ensues.

God, I believe the framers of our constitution did not image a society where the presence of any western religious symbol was banned. Schools and public places should be allowed to display whatever religious symbols they wish. Schools can celebrate Christmas, Hanukah and Eid in December, and can put up all the symbols they want. We don't teach kids to be tolerant by telling them they can't talk about a certain topic.

No Right to Privacy, no where in the Constitution does it give Americans a right to privacy. I value my own as do others, but the recent Texas ruling on an inherent right to privacy in your bedroom, seems to go well beyond historic statute and precedent. I am an adult, I can't go into my bedroom and snort cocaine, I can't kill another person with their consent, nor can I practice medicine. Are not all of these private acts between consenting adults? The law clearly extends up our driveways, into our houses and also our bedrooms. We have a right to privacy in so much as the government can not search our seize our property without going through the proper channels.

Night all...
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Subject:an extraordinary indictment of past U.S. policy
Time:11:44 pm
Reuters has an article which quotes our Commander in Chief as saying:

"sixty years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East did nothing to make us safe, because in the long run stability cannot be purchased at the expense of liberty."

What an awesome and important statement! The appeasement movement has been actively trying to shove the fact that Bush has abandoned the policies of the previous administration, as some indicator that he is either stupid or evil. Well, this doesn't say anything about the latter, but I think it shows that he's cognizant of exactly what he's doing. Funny thing is, Reagan did the same thing. All the presidents from JFK through Jimmy Carter did everything they could to stalemate with the USSR, to engage in Detente. What did that get us? Yes, the constant threat of Nuclear Destruction. No president had the backbone to stand up to the third world country with a space program and missiles that was the USSR. No, the appeasement movement back then thought the best outcome we could expect was coexistence, and most liekly we would succumb to the overwhelming popularity of Communism/Marxism/Stalinism/Trotskyism/Socialism. The appeasement movement also refused to used force, or the threat of force to retrieve American citizens from an Iranian Embassy.

What did Reagan do? He shrugged off the malaise of the Carter Administration, the 13.5% inflationd, the near double digits unemployment rates and the weak-kneed stance on America's rolw in the world and both got the Americans back from Iran (on the day he was inaugurated) and brought down the Berlin Wall and the USSR. In hindsight, the appeasement movement says it was inevitable, but in 1982, they were yelling at the top of their lungs that Reagan was leading us to certain nuclear peril. Good call, good call indeed.

So here we are, a recession started in a democrat presidency, is curtailed by Republican lead tax cuts. A serious international threat (Al Qaeda and their ilk have been endangering/killing Americans and American Allies since 1979) is ignored and has to be dealt with by a Republican. I am by no means saying W. is just like Reagan, by no means, but it highlights the patterns of the appeasement movement and the how strong Patriots are forced to defend America.

That being said, Maryland just got taken to OT by Wisconsin, man I ahte the Twerps! UNC already won, so if Maryland loses we'll still be ahead in the ACC-Big Ten challenge, so go Badgers!!!

Going into the Christmas season, the economy's looking up, way up, the President's job approval is rising again and I'm feeling pretty good.

Night all
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Current Music:Jay-Z Moment of Clarity
Subject:Third time's a charm
Time:01:20 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Let's try this again....

I'm going to try to make this space a window into the twists and turns into my psyche. Not that I think it'll be that interesting but that I think it will be fun, and if people read it, more the better.

What's going on with me right now? Truthfully I'm still reveling in 'Boys beating the Pantyhers to move to the #1 seed in the NFC. It's been some rough times going 10-22 over two seasons, loasing to the upstart texans... bad times indeed. But now we're #1 in the NFC East, and #1 in the entire NFC.

Other than that, working like a champ, I'm talking 9:30am-midnight (with lunch ordered in) last friday.

As for what's been on my mind the past few days has been this goddam Drug Prescription plan. I've read what newt had to say, what other Conservatives have said, I've listned to Daschle and Pelosi, and as far as I can figure I hate the entitlement expansion this adds to our already bulging budget, but I do support the privatization it will afford down the road. That being said, I think this was an inevitable reform to medicare since it's inception, the lack of this coverage was an obvious oversight. On a purely cynical note, if we continue to expand healthcare like this, eventually it will do to us what it has helped do in Europe with 10% unemployment, 6 months for simple dental appointments, and 2 months for pap smears. If it gets that bad, at some point the Liberal (read: socialists) in the Democrat party will have to face the fact that without major reform, these programs will drive our economy into the ground. Actually if that happens, the Dems will most liekly cut all defense and intelligence and render us a 'peaceful' nation with full healthcare, a sluggish economy (we'll be France) and no way to stop China from annexing Russia, Canada then us. That's probably a good thing to them, the way Truman loved Mao.

I love how people who are "Pro Choice" on abortion (Full disclosure: I'm pro-choice with restrictions) rarely seem to be pro choice on much else. Jury's choice on the

Death Penalty - NO
School Choice - NO
Investing Social Security - NO
Privatized HealthCare - NO

On those issues, they're smarter than you, so you should let them make the decision for atop their moral high horse. There is nothing I hate more than self-righteous people telling me they know what's best for me.

Speaking of School Choice, lets look at my High School District
My High School haeld about 3000 kids
Say it takes that town $8000 per pupil in high school for education that's $24M

Now with schools overcrowding and the educational system no fulfilling it's promise there are two ways to look at it, throw money on it (how much $40M?) or introduce competition and make it perform.

Competition, let's say Nashua decides each kid gets $5000 in a voucher to go to school. Since now ther is a demand for private education, let's say 2 more schools open up, taking 400 students a piece over 4 years. Now there are 2200 kids in the PE system funded by $20M, or $9090 per child, class sizes are 27% smaller ( class of 35 drops to 26) and now Teachers can teach, schools can purchase less resources, hire less administrators and pay teachers more. Everyone's situation is improved, well, everyone except the bureaucrats in the PE system administration.

That's it for today, night all...

"If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be lyrically Talib Kweli..." - Sean Carter
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Subject:Late night, long ass day
Time:12:16 am
Well, it's midnight and I have to get up at 5:15 am to be ready to take a friend of mine wo is visiting to RDU. Hotness! on the bright side, I should then get to work well be fore 7 and jet out at like 3-4ish. Give me some good time to relax before practice. And that should be a doozy...

Here's the backstory:

My Pop Warner football team played today, and we lost. We lost bad. We played scared and didn't wan tot hit. These kids are 7 though, so you can't really get mad at them for being scared and unsure about themselves. That part is more our fault than theirs. But we lost, and we need to make them understand losing. It's a part of life, you need ot deal with it. But the thing I'm upset about is that they didnt care that they lost. Of all the things I don't understand about other people, it's apathy. You worked hard all week, you practiced, you got up early, you came out and had your ass handed to you and all you care about is a god damn twix? Do you care about anything? Do you have any passion? I mean why are you here if you're wasting my time and yours?

Truthfully, apathy is one of the things that really bothers me, the kids are worse because their so young and they already don't care. When I see people my age who don't care about so many things, I don't know how to make them care. People, especially the young, need to pay attention to society and politics. Too many people write it off as 'old people' stuff or boring, but for the love of God! These people who get elected ahve the power to 1) pick your pocket(taxes), 2) kill you (life in prison/death penalty), 3) regulate what you watch, see, hear and say ( a lot fo things) and 4) control, when, where and who you see for your health (democrats and universal healthcare). I mean is there anything more vital than than your economic and personal well-being? Yeah you donj't fucking care about that, but you just can't live without the new fucking Kate Spade bag. Fucking material masturbation, wasting your life looking for the next shoe/bag/top/dress/fashion trend, like it is anything more than a shallow attempt to make your daily decisions seem important.

IN summation, this weekend went nothing like i ahd planned it, some good, some bad, but all in all I had fun.
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Subject:Welcome Back Students
Time:11:15 pm
I spent the bulk of this weekend with my boys back at school.

On Saturday, I tailgated with vk's family, watched the Duke Football game, then went back and played some 'rut on campus.

Fun times, fun, drunken times indeed.
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How I see it...
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